Basic information about the event

21st-22nd 6. 2019
Agrokomplex Exhibition Center, Nitra, Slovakia

The main goal of our festival is the presentation of civic associations from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Austria, dedicated to the practical protection of nature, environmental education and promotion and application of the principles of sustainable lifestyle. We also offer space to businesses or small businesses that deal with various ecological topics, ecological building, use of renewable energy sources, organic farming, local and organic food, ecodrophy,

The main theme of the second year of our eco festival will be the synergy effect of cooperation on nature conservation. It is precisely co-operation, information sharing, interdependence and support for environmental organizations, so that we can effectively protect and potentially increase the natural richness of our unique and unique planet Earth.

A program of lectures, film productions and creative workshops will be provided for two days. The first day (Friday) will be prepared to accompany the program for pupils (kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools) and for university students. The second day (Saturday) will be an organized program available to the general public. The event will also include an "eco-fair" where you can buy quality products from regional growers, manufacturers and craftsmen. The event will also include refreshment stalls from local and ecological sources, and there will be no attractions for the youngest.



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